In the center of Lăstuni village stands the Orthodox Church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. The entrance is beautifully painted with biblical motifs, the interior being adorned with decorations specific to the Orthodox worship, to the Byzantine Rite. The carved door from the entrance to the church is an element of admiration for the beauty lovers. Because of the needs of worship, in 2008 was built a bell tower inside the parish church. The church in Lăstuni remains in time as space of silence for all the believers who cross its threshold.

Beştepe Hill (Five peaks – in Turkish) is located in the reservation Beştepe Hills, reservation with a surface of 415 hectares. The zone is a protected area where there are rare species of plants.

From Mihail Kogălniceanu you turn right and after another 2 km you reach Lăstuni village, the starting point towards Deniztepe Mountain. This Turkish name is translated “The Hill of the Sea” (Deniz-sea, tepe-hill). The mountain is surrounded to the north and east by the riverbed of Teliţa, which springs under Ediler hill, from Niculiţelului Peak. Deniztepe Mountain has an altitude of 278 m- it is not much, but do not forget that the riverbed of Teliţa, that flows at its foot, does not amount to more than 4-5m above the sea level.
On the slopes of the hill lies a landscape reservation of 305 hectares. The arborescent vegetation is lacking almost totally. Only on the south-eastern front can be meet sparse specimens of blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), wild vine and small white poplar.