Beştepe commune is located in the North of Dobrogea 25 km from Tulcea town, on the county road 222 C, the road that links Tulcea of Mahmudia. From Tulcea town the link with Beștepe commune is possible only by road, while in the two villages belonging to the commune the tourists can reach also by fluvial means of transport.

Beştepe commune is made up of the localities: Beştepe, Băltenii de Sus and Băltenii de Jos.

The first information related to Beştepe is related to the colonization carried out by the Ottoman administration in Dobrogea with Turks and Tatars, in 1584, when some of these settlers were settled in the village Bes-Depe. In 1830, the village was abolished because it was located on the neutral territory established by Russia and Turkey, the inhabitants retreating in Tulcea. For a quarter of a century this area has remained uninhabited.


Beştepe in Turkish means “Five Hills”. The commune is newly established, by the administrative reorganization of Mahmudia commune in 2003. It is located 4 km away from the Danube River, this vicinity putting its mark on the economic and social life of the commune. One of the vestiges that recall the long history of the commune is the Getic Fortress Piatra lui Sava, which is one of the interesting objectives of the area. Another local attraction is the reservation Beştepe Hills, with a surface of 15 hectares, located both on the territory of Mahmudia commune and on the territory of Beştepe commune.

The fishing village, Baltenii de Sus is component village of Beştepe commune, situated near the Danube, on the arm Sfantul Gheorghe, positioning that decisively influenced the development of the economic and social life in the locality. Baltenii de Sus is a locality situated in the middle of a touristic and agrotouristic area. The tourists are offered: trips on waters, watching the birds in the nesting space, hiking in the woods with subtropical aspect, boat rides, evenings spent at the campfire, fishing trips, hunting, seasonal sports.

Beştepe commune resources are diverse: large surfaces of agricultural lands, space adequate to the development of tourism and agrotourism, the yellow clay, reeds, rushes, salt marshes, limestone, environment favorable for wind farms, these are some of the most important local resources, but the lack of investors has not allowed their exploitation.

In Beştepe area, agriculture represents an important economic sector, the agricultural activity being carried on in the form of subsistence households, and in organized form, in societies with legal personality. The small farmers carry out their activity quite hard, the lack of money determines them to make a rudimentary agriculture, the production being oriented towards self-consumption. The agricultural societies practice a slightly superior agriculture but these also encounter difficulties due to the low prices that are cashed in for the goods obtained and due to the very high expenditures for obtaining them.

The agricultural land in our commune is favorable for the development of several crops: wheat, corn, sunflower, barley, two-row barley, alfalfa, vetch, rapeseed, melons, beans, soybeans.

Specific to the area is the wind that beats almost the entire year. Therefore the area is favorable for the establishment of the wind farms.