The complex of villas Bălteni is placed in Băltenii de Sus locality, from Tulcea County, on the right bank of the arm Sfântu Gheorghe. The access can be made on the Danube, on the arm Sfântu Gheorghe or by road, on the county road that links Tulcea Municipality to Mahmudia. The complex has an interior courtyard arranged with terrace, swings, umbrellas, special place for barbecue and food in cauldron, as well as a pontoon to the arm Sfântu Gheorghe. You can fish both from the pontoon, from the pier in the interior courtyard and from the pier in the forest located in the immediate vicinity of the complex. For those who want to take walks in the Delta there is the possibility to rent the boat of the complex.


The Danube Delta is the most compact area of reed plots on the planet, one of the largest wetlands in the world as habitat of the water birds, comprises over 30 ecosystems and over 5000 species of flora and fauna, 13 of them being declared monuments of nature
In this natural paradise is located The Complex of villas Balteni, where the tourists are invited to spend an unforgettable holiday, away from the tumult of the big cities and released from the daily stress. The tourists can spend their time within the complex or visiting the Danube Delta and the objectives of interest in the area.

Address: Băltenii de Sus, Tulcea county, Telephone:0241 586 406, Mobile: 0746 180 273